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    Defending article by sdvikefan

    Randy Moss isn't half as bad as Owens or Keyshawn.

    Truth be told Vikings got one hell of a deal when they drafted this troubled phenom. They always seem to draft people with questionable pasts. Sometimes it's good sometimes not so good.

    Good=Moss Bad=Underwood

    All in all the way he carries himself on the field is above par.

    I went to school with his counterpart Kevin Dyson. They were drafted the same year and it was the reciever battle to watch.

    I actually found myself wishing the Vikings would have a shot at Dyson and I am very glad they didn't. He has been injury prone big time.
    His brother Andre Dyson is a CB for the Titans and we played football together he was my lift partener.

    I think people just love to hate Moss. He is going to make the Hall. He is the best receiver in the game. And he has a life......shame on him.
    He plays football for a living. And when you're dealing with football or other sports it becomes a good VS. evil scenerio.

    Moss is a high profile player and it is easy to scapegoat him if you are a non fan.

    As far as taking breaks on some plays, according to (Dyson with whom I still play basketball in the summer), every WR does. Listen Dyson was the fastest athlete in Utah. He said when he played across from Moss in 2001 he was blown away.

    You cannot phathom how fast he is. When you go that fast and that hard you will need a few rest plays. I'd rather have a WR who doesn't hold anything back compared to someone who goes half ass all game long.

    Another point of interest, Dyson told me that the way Moss plays makes the defenders tired and works towards his advantage. You never know when he is going to go all out or go half speed. It really messes with the d-backs. Sometimes he will go 3-4 plays all out then act like he is going half speed and burn you.

    There is an advantage to the way he plays, and trust me DB's are worried if catches a long one your ass is on ESPN diving at his ankles in the top ten count down

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    Defending article by sdvikefan

    Your exactly right whack.
    Let s Go Mountaineers!

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