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    Quote Originally Posted by tarkenton10 View Post
    To answer your first part I think that if Patterson & allen are gone we should be able to get someone like a Kawann Short or Jonathan Jenkins. We may be able to get Ogletree (LB - Georgia) but I think he will be gone, he is a top ten talent and I don't see him going past #15 or 16 tops. I do know that I haven't seen as many real athletes that can play coming out in a long time and we could get a great athlete at #23.

    I think if those two are gone we could get a WR from a group of WRs that are very similiar in the second round. I watched the Senior bowl and Goodwin out of Texas intrigues me. He has world class speed and looked pretty good catching the ball. I would like to see more of him and his measurables at the combine.
    I have been doing a little research and Goodwin won't go into the second round IMO simply because of his measurables. He is too small to get that high a pick, I don't know how I missed that watching him at the Senior bowl but he is only 5' 9" and 179lbs. He may get into the second round if a team like us who is very needy at the WR position but IMO he goes the beginning of the third round. So if we want a speed burner we may have to reach in the second round.

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    Terrance Williams is soft.. He would not fit here.. We need wideouts who will put the time in to block down the field for Adrian.

    I hope we stay away from him..


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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    Vikings land a wide receiver in Round 1

    NFL Mock Draft: Vikings land a wide receiver in Round 1 - SB Nation Minnesota

    Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft: Fresh Predictions After the Super Bowl

    Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft: Fresh Predictions After the Super Bowl | Bleacher Report
    I thought we didn't use Bleacher Report stuff on here? LOL......JK.

    Hopkins......Everything I can find on this guy is that he is a "Catch it if it gets close" guy, just like we need at the Z. Problem is, his one weakness is that he doesn't run real precise routes.

    Given that our scheme dictates that the QB throw to a spot that the WR will eventually get to (precise route running) I would think the staff will look long and hard at Hopkins to see if they can fix his route running. If they can't your gonna see alot of INT's if Ponder throws to spots a WR doesn't get to.

    Williams - The more I study him the more I'm convinced he will grade out as a X at the next Level. That means 2 - 5 receptions a game in our scheme. Not sure you burn a first or even a second on a kid for that production.

    My guess is they are looking for one of the "Physical" guys like Patterson to slip to them in the first and if that doesn't happen they will look at a Hunter in the second. Both can boy up at the Z, or step out and play the X.
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    What I noticed about the Hopkins highlights is that he often has somebody right on him, as in, he's not getting very open, but does go get the ball.

    Ultimate DeAndre Hopkins Highlights - YouTube

    What I liked about the Williams highlights, is how many off-target catches he makes. Kid just seems to make smooth adjustments on the fly to some slightly off target throws...

    Terrance Williams vs Texas,OSU,Oklahoma,Missouri - YouTube

    Hopkins supposedly has the better speed, but Williams looks more open, more often...? One thing I do like to see is both have three years averaging over 50+ receptions! After the Williamson pick, one year of 50 catches wouldn't be enough to warrant an early pick anymore.
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