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    DC is mad at RGIII...what is he worth?

    Now, I KNOW there is no way the 'Skins will give up on RGIII, but I also know the coach and ownership in DC are idiots. Well..they can make idiot decisions at times, anyway.

    I personally think he is going to be a MONSTER next year; shanahan did not give him any chance of getting into football shape this season, and by the time he got his legs back under him, the team had kinda soured on the kid. The team looks like they have quit, all except for Garcon.

    All this being said, here is my fun thought for the day:

    If they were quietly floating RGIII as trade fodder for draft picks, what would you give? If you want to include a "There is no way in Hell they are giving up RGIII" in your post, fine; but answer the question.

    It's just an exercise in dreaming for a trade to go our way for once, so lets not get too serious, ok?
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    I'd send them Kalil and this years first, similar to what the Vikes got for Moss when they traded him.. they could have Chis Cook too, now bigger trade than Moss, oh yeah Ponder too. I know the skins wouldn't take this but they gave away what 3 firsts and a second to get him and now RGIII doesn't have the have those young high round picks around him to grow with either. I know Griffen is good but just one of those 2 other first rounders this year or next could have been a CJ Spiller, Tavon Austin or Percy Harvin type player that could have really helped RGIII.

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    RGIII is a one read QB... He drops back and stares down receivers.... He had a lot of success because of the read option that left guys wide open... now that he's hurt he can't drop back and find the open man...

    He had multiple guys running wide open yesterday and didn't even see them... I'll take our chances with the draft. We have 3 guys already on our roster who can't read defenses... We don't need to ransom the future for another.


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