A lot of analysts say it due to there being very few AD out there these days, but I personally think its because there are a lot of GOOD RBs to choose from. As such, you don't need a AD if you have a great passing attack, you just need 2 decent RBs who can exploit defenses that are geared toward the pass.

If the well WAS running dry, that usually means the few great RBs get a ton of cash, and the rest struggle for relevancy; however, the group as a whole is tumbling (with a few notable exceptions). Supply and demand tells us there is an increased supply, not a decreased one.

Many of the good teams are showing just this, sporting not one great but 2 reliable backs to split the load and move the ball when the opposing defenses are cheating towards the pass.

People like Lynch, AD and McCoy deserve large amounts of the payday pie due to their sheer ability to change the game all things being equal; RBs like Moreno and Lacy really depend on their QBs providing the defensive looks that make them successful. I DO think Lacy will turn into a Lynch more likely than not, for the record; but last year's success early on was due to Rodgers. When Rodgers went down, it took Lacy a game or 2 to step up and be the GUY.

I expect him to get a payday (if he remains healthy) along the lines of a Lynch and McCoy next contract.