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    A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    Yesterdays game was one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune to watch. It was horrible on both sides of the ball.

    The worst part about yesterdays game was that I couldn't watch it at home...I had to go to a public place with NFL Sunday Ticket, and sit there in shock for 3 quarters (I left after the 3rd or 4th INT...I don't recall exactly which). And, while there, I had to listen to Bears fans chortle with glee as they disassembled the Lions.

    So, what did I see in my 3 quarters of misery?

    1: Daunte looks lost. I know the "haters" out there will jump on this comment, but Daunte looks like he misses Moss a LOT right now. The FOX Commentators - whom I usually ignore - brought up an interesting point. It was that Randy forced Defenses into a specific set of coverages. With him gone, and NO ONE stepping up, Defenses are altering, switching, and changing with impunity...and Daunte isn't picking up on that.

    Further, Daunte's timing is horrible. He sits in the pocket FAR too long before deciding what to do...and by then it's too late. He hesitates too long, allowing Defenses to lock down his receivers or develop their pressure. And when he does throw - as we;ve all seen - he seems to forget that it's the guys in the PURPLE helmets he's supposed to be throwing to.

    2: The O-Line has no "Push". We have been MANHANDLED in both games. No holes for RB's and little time (which is wasted as I said above) for Daunte. It's gut check time. If that O-Line is going to get on track, it has to begin soon.

    3: Our RB's are incapable. Bennett sealed his fate as a "former-Viking" after his 2-fumble preformance, IMO. We waited 3 years for him to get healthy...and he can't hang on to the football. He doesn't have the power to blast through the line, and he hesitates and 'dances" too much when attempting to hit the holes.

    Mewelde isn't much better. I haven't been impressed with him at all. Moe is now showing signs of aging. Ever sure handed, watching Moe fumble and blow a reception (Which lead to an interception) in week 1 was hoffifying.

    We need a power runner. Too bad we ignored all of the ones available this year in FA.

    4: Tice is assuredly on the hot seat now. While I don't see him being let go until such a time as the play-offs are mathematically impossible (Creates too much controversy), I don't see him here next season if we don't turn it around....FAST. And, when he goes (IF he goes), I hope he takes Loney and Cottrell with him.

    5: Paper Tigers. That's what we are right now. We have all the talent we should need...but no one is stepping up. We should in no way, shape, or form be in this position. There is simply NO EXCUSE for the complete crap the Vikes have put on the field these past two weeks. In fact, after yesterdays game, I can't find one single bright spot to look at.

    I know that the ability is there, but it has to have a place to start...and no one is starting it off.

    Our ONLY saving grace is the fact that everyone else in the NFCN is struggling too. But, if we are going to live up to our preseason potential, we have to STOP struggling NOW.

    For me, it all begins with Daunte. You wanted to be the LEADER, Culpepper...NOW LEAD!!! Moss is gone, and with it all of the excuses about disharmony and distractions. Now we find out just how good you are. I gotta tell you, however, that if the first two weeks are any indication, then we traded the wrong "Leader".

    Now, again, before the "haters" start jumping on that, I believe Daunte CAN rise above...I'm just wondering when he'll get around to doing it. He's starting to look like the '02 Culpepper. The one that threw for 18 TD's and 23 INT's. Except, if he keeps on this pace, it'll be 0 TD's and 64 INT's. In '02, he also fumbled 23 times.

    Now, we have the Saints comming to town this weekend. The team playing for all the homeless and dispossessed people from New Orleans. A team with no "home" and a HUGE wave of emotion to ride. If we are going to start redeeming this season...we have to crush that wave...mercilessly. Because things just get tougher after that.


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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    Every person on here seemed to grasp the concept of a team having to gel at least they said they did.

    I think with all of the changes we have had getting it all to fit together in a comfortable fashion is going to take up until about week 6, everyone was like OMFG we will be great ......oh yeah yeah I know after we gel...

    TWO games later life is ending as we know it. Apparently gelling is a cool thing to say, but hard to understand. This team is so different then what it has been for 10 years that it has no identity. It needs to find that.

    For the people burned over Moss, your anger must be frustrating. The only person you can really blame is Red, he is gone. The team is new and they are going to have to go through some tough times to get it together.

    I believe that last game was rock bottom, a total collapse, the defense was horrible, the offense was horrible. I think we only go up from here.
    (Caine none of that was directed at you)

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    I agree Caine, nice post. We definitely have to beat the Saints soundly so we can establish some sort of confidence going into Atlanta and the bye week. If we don't beat NO, we will get spanked by ATL and we will go into the bye 0-4. I'm disappointed in any way possible, but we still have time to turn it around...the coaching doesn't make that too promising, but crazier things have happened.

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    I can't imagine the next game being any worse. There is a point where the team is so pathetic that a few more picks or fumbles are meaningless since the overall performance was pathetic.

    The team will have to get over this and come out on fire. Start the season as as if game 3 is the first game. The team has the potential.

    The coaching staff is pathetic and Homer Tice is the lead. I really don't think he can improve much, he can do his best but it just ain't going to be good enough.

    I sure hope they turn things around, but as long as the weakest link is at the helm I have my doubts.

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    Ya the thing is daunte thre 39 touchdowns last year, so far this year hes thrown 0 and 8 INT's...its not like the guy got bad over night, or he threw moss 39 td's last year. He isnt comfortable, hes almost learning all over again. The loss of birk and Lineahan has really hurt this offense and culpepper. Untill Looney looses his job, I dont think we'll see anything good come out of this offense.

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    I really can't argue with anything you said besides one minor point. I really think if we don't get behind so early we can run the ball. At the beginning of both games the O line seemed to open some holes for whoever was running. I saw promise with the ground game on the first drive until MB fumbled.

    I really think Daunte and Coaching cost us the game this week and last. Daunte looks lost and the entire coaching staff looks dazed and unable to adjust and motivate. What is he looking at with those new reading glasses?

    One more thing - Napolean Harris looked like a second string high school player on the womans field hockey team.
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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    I've said all along running the ball is easier then passing, even on lineman. A mixture of both is essential for an O-lineman to be succesful, but Horns you bring up a great point, when we get behind and we start playing catch up, the run game has to take a back seat.

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    Amen, Caine......
    "From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord, save us!"
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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    Can you imagine if I’d have said these things? I wouldn’t be able to duck fast enough!
    I still think it’s early and your competition won’t be significant but you have to do something this week. I truly believe a game like yesterday can light a fire that once burning can provide the momentum you need. Players react after they are embarrassed. Unfortunately Tice is really a handicap and although I always liked him I have to agree his days are numbered. My hope is he keeps his job until the off season because if my boys get there again it’s nice to know there’s another source for Super Bowl tickets out there.

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    Re: A day to cool off...a week to ponder...

    In order to keep his job, I think tice will have to talk to each player or unit for that matter individually and figure out what is wrong so that we can fix it. There was so much bad going on in one game, that it was hard to figure out what to fix.

    Good post Caine.

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