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    David Carr??????

    Listening to Houston sports talk radio on my commute home today the local "Great Football Mind" was asked if he'd heard any scuttlebutt on the Texan QB situation. This guy is pretty knowlegable and I respect his opinion. He seems convinced Gary Kubiak is done with David Carr and ready to bring Jake Plummer to town and try to get a QB for the future in this years draft. He went on to say that the Texans might be willing to part company for as little as a 3rd or maybe even 4th round pick.
    Now that got me to wondering, if Brad is really done in Minnesota,....
    and if they would like for TJack to mature a bit longer on the bench,...... and it don't look like Schawb will be leaving Atlanta, I crazy to think this guy could help us???
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    Re: David Carr??????

    ???Crazy...insane....nutty, pick one. J/K Carr has some talent, but with the horrible wideout situation here, whe wouldn't fair any better.

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    Re: David Carr??????

    Topic has been covered here, today:

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