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    Daunte to be traded????????

    I wonder if you all have read CNN SI's article about Culpepper being traded. Wow, I suppose some could argue about what has happened this year and the trouble he was having before the injury but I don't see how you trade at least the second best quarter back in the league.
    I believe that Daunte's problems come from coaching. We lost Scott Lehan(SP) and Daunte went down hill. I think he still needs good sideline guidence to be effective, and when he gets it, look out. I know we all remember the previous years' 5 TD games. He was only outshadowed by Mannings' efforts. I think with the proper coaching staff, he can be a pro-bowler again. I am curious to see how the knee ends up.
    I just don't see going out and try to get a new QB for the team. BJ is not the future of the Vikings. What is the answer? We all wait and see how the knee heals and hope for last years prodution to return!

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    Re: Daunte to be traded????????

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