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    Daunte with a sore knee

    Saw this on ESPNEWS
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    Yeah I heard that he has been playing with a sore knee too. Still though, it is not an excuse for why we have been playing this way.

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    It seems his knee has been bothering him since the Tampa game......I dont think we can attribute his performance soley to this injury.

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    It's not his knee that has been hurting his performance it's his arm and his eyesight!!

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    he has a sore brain

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    Gezzzz, you guys got no pity whatsoever. You are a hard crowd!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Daunte with a sore knee

    all the culpepper haters can kiss my ottytrain2:

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Culpepper has sprained MCL

    Culpepper announces extent of knee trouble
    Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad, Star Tribune
    October 4, 2005 VIKE1004.NOTES

    Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper has played nearly the entire season with a sprained medial collateral ligament and bursitis in his right knee, a condition that Culpepper admitted Monday is painful and limiting but should not force him to miss any game time.

    Culpepper suffered the injury in the first quarter of the Sept. 11 season opener against Tampa Bay. The injury did not become public until the following week, but its exact nature had been unknown until Culpepper revealed it Monday.

    "There's swelling, and it's painful, but I'm a warrior," Culpepper said. "I'm going to push through this."

    In 2001, Culpepper played 12 games with loose cartilage in his left knee before undergoing surgery. His current injury does not need surgery, he said, and most of the pain has come from a leaking bursa sac, which Culpepper said caused the bursitis.

    Culpepper has run for 74 yards on 15 scrambles this season but also has been sacked 15 times in the past two games.

    In the hot seat

    Coach Mike Tice arrived 47 minutes late for his news conference Monday, creating speculation that a coaching change was in the works. That wasn't the case -- Tice had held a meeting with players -- but the Vikings coach knows his job security has become a matter of public discussion.

    "That goes with losing," Tice said. "If I am not doing my job, then they should call for my head. Right now, I'm not doing my job because we are 1-3. I need to continue to work to do my job better. ... I believe when it is all said and done and evaluated at the end, I will have done my job."

    No blame game

    After watching the tape of Sunday's loss, Steve Loney said the offensive line was responsible for three of the nine sacks against Culpepper. Loney, who serves as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, cautioned against putting too much blame on one group.

    "You can't lay [fumbles] at the feet totally of the guy that fumbled," Loney said. "You can't throw interceptions totally at the feet of the guy that threw them; you can't throw sacks at the feet of the offensive line."


    • Offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie and Marcus Johnson pleaded not guilty Monday in Hennepin County District Court on charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice, stemming from a Sept. 26 disturbance at Bobby and Steve's Auto World in Minneapolis. Johnson is scheduled for an Oct. 25 pretrial hearing, McKinnie on Nov. 4.

    • Defensive end Kenechi Udeze is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Wednesday in Colorado. Udeze missed Sunday's game after suffering a chondral (cartilage) defect and damage to the meniscus the previous week against New Orleans.

    • Spencer Johnson, who started in place of Udeze at left end in Atlanta, underwent an MRI on his knee Monday. Johnson said he thought he sprained his medial collateral ligament in the game but expects to be fine.

    • Tice said receiver Nate Burleson (knee), defensive end Lance Johnstone (shoulder) and free safety Darren Sharper (knee) should be back for the Oct. 16 game at Chicago

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Culpepper has sprained MCL

    "There's swelling, and it's painful, but [size=18px]I'm a warrior[/size]," Culpepper said. "I'm going to push through this."

    God that reminds me of Winslow Jr. LMAO :grin:

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    Re: Culpepper has sprained MCL

    Quarterbacks are hurting everywhere it’s called TACKLE football.
    Get Over It!

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