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    Daunte gets much respect!

    After watching his interview I have more respect for Daunte than I ever had . He did not blame the refs for the loss. He basically said that the vikings could have played better. That is a standup guy.
    What do the MINNESOTA VIKINGS and possums have in common?

    Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    No doubt. He's one of the most positive people in the NFL. I don't think he ever complains.

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    He had a great game today but I wish it came with a win

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    Daunte will be a leader for this team for years to come. Good job Daunte! He always does everything in his power to win every game. A real class act.
    Go Vikings!

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    srry but i disagree.....didnt see the interview being stuck here in cheeseland we dont get the same channels, but DC needs to step up his game during critical moments.
    Other than that i'm sure hes a gentleman and a scholar. He almost has it all covered.

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    I really admire DC and the Offense for not publicly putting the blame on the Defense. At least I have not heard any of it.

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    Daunte gets much respect!

    Maybe he didn't blame the defense because the offense did nothing the entire second half.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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