"midgensa wrote:
Very good points. Both sides have been babies here. I think that Wilf and Childress NEVER had any intention of having Pep next season and kept lying to his face and it eventually pissed Pep off and turned him into a media drama queen.
I would love for somehow this all to go away and he be here next year... but I don't think anyone involved would be happy with that.
D-Pep is getting dumped on for a lot of crap ... and some of it very deserved ... but a bad 6 1/4 games to start a season after giving us three pro bowl years in 5 years as a starter is NO reason for everyone to dump on this guy.
If they are parting ways ... let it be ... both the Vikes and Culpepper could still have very bright futures ... it is a shame it won't be together.

While that is your opinion!

My opinion is that they did plan on C-pep being here next year, until he pissed off every body in the front office of the Vikings organization with his demands and acting like a child! For someone that wants to lead a football franchise and set to make 8 million dollars this year, he did not show any kind of tact or leadership skills! So if it was your team and he has disrespected your head coach and is not showing leadership skills and after he fires his agent tries to represent himself (what a fool for a client), and his ridiculous demands for a 10 million dollar pay raise, and is whining in the paper would you want him to lead your 600 million dollar team?