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Thread: Darren Sharper

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    Re: Darren Sharper

    I seem to recollect a season where Jimmy Kleinsasser had multiple catches even multiple touchdowns. One game against Chicago in particular where Jim was a force in the red zone. If the O line can hold on their own the double TE sets or I formation or even outside running plays to Jimmys side could be very much the norm agiain. But why is this thread going in this direction? Isn't it about Sharper who has played an awesome 05 season. Can't wait for next fall. Go Vikes.

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    Re: Darren Sharper

    Jimmy's knee still isn't 100%, that is why he isn't in the back field punching holes in the line, they don't want him to take a hit on his knee. Second year back from his injury should be different.

    Birks body has let him down in the last year and caught the team off guard hope he is 100%.

    Both are younger than 30 but their bodies have had some hard miles. They need to be healthy and ready to go next year as this league is not what did you do but what can you do and they are both leaders.

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