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    Re: Darn- Lost Thigpen

    To make this a non-race statement... I would have to say that Seneca Wallace would have made sure that we got more then a couple first downs at Green Bay last season... This meaning a couple first downs for the entire game! Seneca Wallace... Spurgen Winn, Joey Harrington, Jermaine Wiggins.. the list goes on and on. Everyone that is so high on T jack I think may have a sad season.

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    Re: Darn- Lost Thigpen

    This thread is turning kind of ugly.
    I'm bummed about Thigpen lose, just purely on the fct he looked like he was developing and was just plain awesome in the St. Louis Game.

    I am an avid Viking fan, but also am an avid restoration guy of vintage Mopar(Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth)B bodies

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    Re: Darn- Lost Thigpen

    Thigpen thread turns into TJack thread.

    Good job!

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