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    Darkest Viking Memories

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Darkest Viking Memories

    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Darkest Viking Memories

    Top 7:

    7. 2000, after pummeling New Orleans in the Divisional Playoff, Denny Green takes unprepared Vikes up to New York, where a lame-ass Kerry Collins pulls a Joe Montana and an inferior team humiliates the Vikes 41-0. Super Bowl one win away and you don't even show up for the game! That hurt.

    6. April 1999, Vikings waste 29th pick of the first round on head-case Dimitrius Underwood. What were they thinking? My jaw dropped to the floor - anyone who even glanced at the draft new he was psycho.

    5. 1987 Championship Game, Darrin Nelson drops a sure last-second touchdown pass that would have tied the game vs. Washington. Vikings had the momentum and had a good chance of winning in overtime and heading to the SB. Later, I had to endure mocks every time I played a pickup football game with my broke-dick, Bears-fan friends..."Look, I dropped the ball...I'm Darrin Nelson!"

    4. 1984 season, Les Steckle humiliates Viking fans and destroys the Bud Grant dynasty by going 3-13. Deep Viking depression sets in as the Vikes suck ass until Anthony Carter and his miracles in 1987.

    3. 1982 Vikings play first game in dome - 'nuff said.

    2. 1975 Divisional Playoff game, Roger Staubach throws lucky-ass, Hail-Marry pass to beat the 12-2 Vikes (arguably the best Viking team ever) 17-14. I have loathed the Cowbags with a passion ever since that day.

    1. Gary Anderson blows the field goal (he had otherwise nailed all season) that would have guaranteed the best Super Bowl game in history (Vikings would've been 17-1, Broncos 16-2)...also blowing my ideal, orgasmic scenario as the Broncs are my adopted second favorite team.[Edited by MiamiViking on 04/16/03 06:27 PM]
    The Warmest Displaced Viking Fan

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