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    da Bears Seem Confident...

    I hope Mixon helps the D-Line we could be more dominant.

    Both the Cowboys and the Eagles have good o lines. Hopefully the Bears don't.

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    da Bears Seem Confident...

    The lions have a really good run defense. So I think 67 yards is fairly good. The thing is we have a good run defense too.

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    da Bears Seem Confident...

    I was just on a Bears message board, and I can tell you that not many of these guys have a clue as to what they're in for. Here's a quote so dumb I departed the site immediately:

    "Also, we are worried about having to start so many second stringers in the secondary, but Minnestoa's starters in the secondary aren't any better. if they are rolling on us, we should be able to do the same."

    They have McQuarters and Green, and two scrubs subbing for Tillman and Brown (plus Urlacher is gonna be either on the bench or far less effective)...We have Winfield, B.Williams, Chavous, and Russell...and we'll be defending against an average-at-best WR Corps, as opposed to Moss-Robinson-Campbell-Burleson. Hmm, now that I think about it, I should have placed a really huge bet on the Vikes...
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