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    Which D will show up?

    With Moss coming back, our offense will be more potent no doubt about it. The bigger thing to look for is how our defense plays. Will they be more motivated now because of a better offense? Will they show up for all 60 minutes of the game? I dont know about you guys, but I think this game will show a lot of what our D is made of...I wanna see them break out!

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    Which D will show up?

    I'm hoping the big defensive play by Antoine Winfield and the overall play of the D in the second half to end last game against the Lions will carry over to this week.

    If the D-line can get some pressure on the Jags QB, then I think our D will do just fine.
    Go Vikings!

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    Which D will show up?

    I am just hoping that any D shows up. And that they show up at the beginning of the game. :roll:


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    Which D will show up?

    I agree neo and thanks I just took your logo so I can print out a nice big one.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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