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    D-line to have breakout game

    There has been a lot of heat on our D-line and rightfully so. But I have a feeling that they will breakout this week. It seems like they are just going through growing pains like a lot of you wise fans have been saying since day one.

    Here is a quote from the gorilla:
    We have a chance to get more sacks, and we're breaking contain on the edge, and that's really bothering me a lot. When you have a guy on the inside busting his (butt) and he has a chance to reach out and get the quarterback but now you see him, now you don't because somebody is doing their own thing and we're losing contain. It happened in the first game, it happened not as much in the second game, and it happened a lot in the Chicago game. That cannot happen if we're going to win, and that has to be fixed today, and it will be. If not, then we'll put guys in there that will fix it, period. We have 9 guys; we have plenty of guys. That will be fixed. Other than that, just a great week and we're looking forward to getting back to work. I know I'm TV'd out and couched out. I gained some weight during the bye, and I'm ready to get back into it again and get going.

    I know we have had some debate about #99. If he is worth anything this game will be the test IMO. But this isn't about him this is about getting pressure on Carr and causing mayhem. Getting excited allready.

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    D-line to have breakout game

    Yeah, some teams in this league may have the flex to let a few guy roam. But the Vikings line with Cotrells scheme needs to play as a team and make that QB feel closterphobic as the pocket closes in on him.

    It sounds like the Gorilla is thinking about rotating player to challenge them to play better so they can stay on the feild longer and get more plays.

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    D-line to have breakout game

    It's tougher to do the "bend but don't break" on the road as opposed to home. Two of our three games have been at home, and the crowd really revs is up when they're in the red zone. It's obvious the road teams are effected. I hope we can keep them out of the red zone, no long TD's, and get them off the field on 3rd down. Isn't it irritating to see the defense be just stifling on 1st and 2nd down, only to give up a big play on 3rd down?

    We absolutely need to see pressure from our DL.

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    D-line to have breakout game

    Yup i agree, it seems like last year we collapsed the pocket better because we didnt loose containment. Now that Mixon is back and Udeze has a few games under his belt we could very well see a break out game. I hope so anyways, at least 4 sacks or something, carr gets sacked all the time.

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