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    Re: Which current Vikings are HOF bound?

    I think Hutchinson, Birk, and Peterson all have a shot...but a lot will depend on Peterson's future success and Birk's ability to play another four to five seasons at a Pro Bowl level.

    In Hutchinson's case, consider the MVP season Shaun Alexander had.
    Now imagine Adrian Peterson doing the same thing.
    I think Hutchinson would get a lot of credit for these guys being so successful, and it would cement his legacy as one of the all time great guards.
    A SB ring wouldnt hurt either.

    In Birk's case, he didn't start at center for the Vikings until his third season.
    In the eight years since his first start, he missed one full season due to injury and was selected to the Pro Bowl in six of the other seven seasons.
    If he can play five more seasons (which would take him to the age of 38) and make the Pro Bowl four more times, I think he'd get a lot of consideration for the HOF.
    A ten time Pro Bowler...come on, how are you going to keep a guy like that out of the HOF?

    Peterson must play another 8-10 seasons producing the kind of numbers he did last season to have any shot, but he undoubtedly played at a HOF level last season.
    The big question is whether he will produce at that level for that long.

    Darren Sharper is another guy that must continue to play another three or four seasons at a high level to really have a chance.
    He'll turn 33 this season, and goes into this year with 53 career interceptions.
    Let's say he really has a bang up year and picks off 8.
    That would put him at 61, 20 behind all time leader Paul Krause.
    I don't know that Sharper can ever catch Krause, but he can come close enough by picking off another eight over the next two seasons after this one to merit serious HOF consideration.
    Ronnie Lott had 63 career picks and was 35 when he retired.
    Rod Woodson was 38 when he retired with 71 career picks.

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    Re: Which current Vikings are HOF bound?

    "skum" wrote:
    "erik5032" wrote:
    So do any of you think Vinitieri should make it into the hall of fame? How bout someone like Gary Anderson? I know there is only 1 full kicker in the HOF.

    They need to revamp the HOF to have guidelines for every position INCLUDING kicker. I mean there are kickers like Vinitieri who win superbowls for the team. He is a great kicker and they should be represented in the HOF. How would you put a punter in? I don't know but there are ways to figure out what stats make up a HOF player no matter the position.
    Both Morten and Gary should make it at some point
    I would be very suprised if Vinitieri didn't make it in with all the clutch kicks he's made, if any kicker was deserving right now it would be one of Mort Gary or Adam.
    I just feel even though kickers are overlooked sometimes there are guys who are at that level.
    It helps that Vinitieri's hand is weighed down with superbowl rings.

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