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    Cure? It won't happen.........

    If professional sports wants to cure the "antics" of some of their players, all they have to do is fine them appropriately. Do you really think a $5000 fine for someone who is going to make $5,000,000 this year is going to teach them a lesson? I didn't think so. Draw up some new rules to follow and make the fines so they "sting"! You know, so they won't want to repeat! Make it hurt so the wife, or girlfriend(s) say, "What!?! I can't buy that new Lexus, this month 'cause you did what, you friggin' jerk! And I wanted that new mink coat and hat---it's going to be 30 below this weekend---you,you, JERK! You ain't dealt with anybody till you've dealt with me, you bony-****ed, mophead, freak show!"

    Think that might work?
    Probably not.

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    Cure? It won't happen.........

    I don't think it is an issue. If the NFL would change the way they market themselves then maybe it would change.

    They have rules for show not for improvement. They could care less that's why you can go to the NFL shop and buy the most vicious hits tape (most of which are illegal) and the wacky celebration tapes. Because they are only concerned about money. The only reason they throw frivilous fines around is to appear to the conservative part of the audience like they care.

    So No I don't think it will help. The only thing that will help is to actually really honestly give a crap in the first place.

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    Cure? It won't happen.........

    I do not think any player is hurting when they are fined. Besides, I read the money goes to charity anyway. So, it is not a bad thing at all. When a player decides to do something foolish, he is well aware of the penalties in terms of cash.

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    Cure? It won't happen.........


    The player associations in sports are so strong now and have what we call Protection or "LAWYERS", that kind of fine you are talking about would not be allowed.

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