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    Re: Culpepper's replacement???

    Unless we trade Daunte and our 1st rounder to the Saints, Titans, or Jets for one of the top four picks in the draft, the odds of getting one of the two worthwhile QBs in the draft are pretty slim. Leinart and Cutler are almost sure to go in those top four picks and there isn't much behind them.

    We could always hope to find a "diamond in the rough" in the later rounds but those odds are slimer still.
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    Re: Culpepper's replacement???

    I don't really know how reliable KFAN out of MN is, but I was just listening and they made a statement, they just recieved word that it's New Orleans that is making a big push for PEP, but also at the same time they are looking at Brees.......Seems they really want for get one or the other......


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    Re: Culpepper's replacement???

    The Rams with Lienhart now on their coaching staff, may be swayed into giving Pep a real look at and a offer thrown our way, just to see if their in the running..

    I believe Lienhart and Pep had a good relationship, and I could see those two wanting to hook up again.
    I think you mean Linehan :wink:

    Anyway, with Brees coming off shoulder surgery, I would rather take Bulger in a trade with the Rams. However, I think Loney likes his guys. So I think we will make a push for Brees.

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