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    Culpepper tries to find that rhythm

    "One game does not define a season," Culpepper said. "There's no reason to push a panic button."

    "Ironically, the one thing Culpepper seems to have that he didn't in past years is a defense that can keep the team in the game."

    (And yes he does say "ironically" instead of "isn't it ironic". Thanx Mark!) :grin:

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Culpepper tries to find that rhythm

    if it wasn't for our defense, we would have gotten blown out by the bucs. Our offense had not rythm but I guess that is expected when its the first game of the season.

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    Re: Culpepper tries to find that rhythm

    Hey dudes first time poster here.

    I think in order for Daunte to find a rhythm he should run a hurry up offense or a sugar huddle if he keeps getting pressured like he did againts the Bucs. In the past I remember him having a lot of success with the sugar huddle and I think he should get back to that.

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