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    Culpepper Trade ?

    Are the vikings really even considering this??? I'm a big fan of Brad Johnson,but he's 38.How many years can the vikes hope to get out of him?This seems to be 1999 all over again,when the vikings decided to go with a veteran QB in Randall Cunningham and trade a younger(how ironic is this) Brad Johnson.Even if the vikes pull the trigger on a possible trade for Daunte,what QB is going to be available to draft? Vince Young and Matt Lienhart are gone after the 1st three picks in this year's draft.I as a fan can only hope the team dosen't trade Culpepper,but instead,spend some BIG $$$ on offensive linemen via free agency![size=18px][/size]
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    Re: Culpepper Trade ?

    Here are 2 threads with many post about this topic:

    If you have 30 minutes, you can sift through it and get a variety of opinion and some info. Seems to be all speculation at this time. Wilf says on thing and the media is trying to steer it another direction. 73

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    Re: Culpepper Trade ?

    Don't need another trade thread. Too many already.

    Move or lock this one down.

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