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    Culpepper and Moss ?!?!

    Can't believe you guys have not posted on this (I looked on the first 3 pages and didn't see anything). Culpepper and Moss had a phone call last Saturday in which they talked about free agency and signing on the same team, "somewhere".

    Ok, the obvious now: Vikings ?

    I mean, I have to say, I am tempted. Think about it: C-pepper, Moss, Peterson, all on the same squad ?! How ridiculous would that be ? Can you say "Ring" ? I thought you could...

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    Re: Culpepper and Moss ?!?!

    That's because you did not look!

    [size=13pt]Moss, Culpepper talk about reuniting via free agency[/size]

    It's on page 1 of the General NFL Forum...where it should be because THEY ARE NOT VIKINGS!

    [size=13pt]FORUM RULES[/size]


    What difference does it make, Moss signed with the Pats.

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