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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Culpepper - Linehan

    "PackSux!" wrote:
    Hopefully the new coaching staff can help him get a handle on that.

    It has been known that Daunte has small hands so inturn he fumbles alot.

    Hope the coaches get him to get a handle on the ball.
    I've heard that many times before. The way I figure it is if you can hurl the ball 80 yards down the field like a missle then you have big enough hands to not fumble the ball.

    I think it is lack of attention to holding onto the ball that gets him in trouble. If he works on it and his coaches make him work on it I can only imagine he will get better at that regardless of his hand size.

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    Re: Culpepper - Linehan

    LOL. In Madden's eyes Favre's big hands are what make him a great quaterback! I have seen Madden highlight more than once on MNF. I really (honestly) am going to miss him on MNF though. I always found the technical stuff he pointed out very interesting.

    Anyway, I hope DC comes back to norm. Like someone said a lot of people are trying to pin last season on Dante. I still think the lack of an offensive coordinator hurt Dante the most (C'mon Loney?!). He was used to a system that was built around his strengths and smart play calling for the most part. Last season he didn't have that and tried to do everything himself. Brad is far more experienced so he knew how to deal with a mediocre offensive coordinator.

    I really feel that was the difference.
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: Culpepper - Linehan

    This one dude told me you don't fumble as much if you're not getting sacked and hurried 11 times a game.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Culpepper - Linehan

    I guess you could tell that one dude that if the QB could get the ball off in 4-5 seconds he wouldn't be in the predicament.

    Then again a lot of his fumbles, a lot of any QB fumbles comes from the snap.

    Maybe if we had a center in there for more then a handfull of games they could get some consistency, or maybe they can hook up in the offseason and practice touching his sweaty ass.

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