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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    Whoever leads us to a victorious Super Bowl will be the greatest Viking QB ever, period. :wink:
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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    "slinkey" wrote:
    NO WAY! Here are some Vike qb's that were better...

    1 Fran Tarkenton
    2 Tommy Krammer
    3 Joe Kapp
    4 Wade Wilson
    5 Jeff George (I know, you guys dont like him but he was great for the short time he was here)
    No way that "George the joke" was better than Peppy!

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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    "fred3105" wrote:
    "ltrey33" wrote:
    "fred3105" wrote:
    Lets see how a little more of Culpepper without Moss to see how good he really is. Then we can compare.
    A good QB is a good QB regardless of who he has around him. Watch, Kerry Collins will have Moss and Porter this year, and will still suck. Culepepper didn't have moss for half of the season last year and still put up huge #'s. I know it's not always as easy without superstar recievers, but he'll still be good.
    You must have missed the Gus Ferrot(sp) games 2 years ago.
    Great point LTREY. When Gus came in, the team was firing on all cylinders, not to mention, Gus is a hell of a QB IMO, if not for him headbutting the wall after scoring a TD, he could've probably retained a starting position somewhere.
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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    I think daunte's size, strength, and athleticism make him a good QB, but not the best in Viking history. Daunte still has some trouble reading defenses and getting rid of the ball, and isn't as accurate as he should be on short passes (mainly passes to the flat). Daunte throws a very nice deep ball, and is generally very good with all the throws inside the hash marks.

    I think a lot of Culpepper's success can be credited to having good or great players around him. The offensine line has been very good from the time he came in, Moss, Carter, and several others at WR. Daunte is good, but I think his numbers will be down somewhat this season. Not because Moss is gone, but more because I think the Vikings will actually try to run the ball more. If they do that the defense isn't on the field as long and will likely see more success.
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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    Sir Francis Tarkenton is the best.
    Keep in mind how the game has changed from a run up the middle style offense in Frans day to an all out pass happy offense of today. Also take into consideration the rules changes allowing the receivers to run free without worry of getting mauled......
    And, Culpepper has had two of the best receivers in the history of the NFL (Carter, Moss) to throw to making his job a lot easier than Tarkentons.

    Saying this, if you put Culpepper back in the day of Tarkenton, Culpepper would excel, maybe more so than today. After all, he would be the biggest player on the field and one of the fastest.


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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    Pep could have been a Defensive Tackle back then.

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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    If he gets a SB ring, then yes.. no doubt in my mind

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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    There is no doubt that Fran and Pep are among the top that have played for our team, but my arguement between the two is:

    1)Who had more around them?

    2)Look at the changes in the rule book......

    Not taking anything away from Pep, but he has it a lot easier than those who are legends of the game.

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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    When Tark played, QB's were still regular players. They took their knocks along with everyone else. Todays QB's are nowhere near the "players". As it is today, if a D lineman even looks at a QB with a mean look he gets a flag!!

    Another thing nobody else has mentioned either, Tark called most, if not all of his own plays. Sometimes he even drew the plays out in the mud in the huddle. Payton is the only QB playing today that comes even close to that play calling ability.

    I would love to have Sir Francis be our offensive coordinator with Culpepper under center though. Talk about an arial circus!! That would be the best passing game ever seen in this league.
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    Re: Culpepper best Vikes QB ever?

    "Paulbedy59" wrote:
    No way! Culpepper is very good and the verdict in the end has yet to be determined.But when Fran came into the leauge,Minn was a true expansion team.Hardly any talent and a baker on the offensive line.Not to mention the rule changes now are so much in favor of the passing game (db,s not allowed to give recievers dirty looks) that the statistics are wacky.I mean look at the hall of fame rankings and just about anybody playing today who is worth anything is better than Fran,Johnny U,Staghback,or anyone.Cannot go by the stats..
    This guy took the words right out of my mouth. Culpepper had Carter and Moss, and other great offensive weapons. Fran was on an expansion team. The rules were very different in regards to defensive back play, and for that matter, defensive and offensive line play as well. Plus, the game was much more run-oriented. It's really an apples and oranges comparison. Don't forget, especially in later years, Fran would have been doing all the play-calling as well. For whatever reason, QBs generally just don't do that any more.

    I think Culpepper is great, personally. He may one day pass Fran in my mind as the greatest Vikings QB ever. But until he reaches his first Super Bowl, he won't be there in my mind.

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