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    I hear this and that about daunte and what Tice should do, I want daunte to be our Quarterback but he does have some issues he doesn't always see the open receiver and doesn't always recognize the one on one matchups. Everyone has bad games I would stick with culpepper he escapes many sacks and makes a play out of it something Ferotte cannot do but if the oline gives ferotte as much time as culpepper gets u better bet Gus will find an open receiver I watched him do it for 2 and a half games, if culpepper strugles early i say pull his ass out of the game and put gus in, if u look around the league other coaches don't put up with there Qb turning the ball over

    Overall I want culpepper to be the QB, I think he needs to run earlier and often he always waits way to long by that time he takes off and is tripped up by a lineman, I have faith in him and beleive he will do better but if he doesn't i wouldn't hesitate to sit him

    We all know he will not be benched as long as he doesn't get hurt

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