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    Re: Cowboys vs Vikings - who's going?

    Quote Originally Posted by "BloodyHorns82" #1105665
    Quote Originally Posted by "El Vikingo" #1105616
    Quote Originally Posted by "STCLOUDSAYSGOVIKES" #1105613
    . Email or post here if you want a lower level seat next to me for $25. I would pay via paypal, you pay me back before the game, or buy my food.
    You eat food for 25 dollars during a game.I mean what this can be,6 hot dogs ,5 burguers and 4 beers?

    Mckinnie who!!??
    $25 at the dome will buy you a burger, 2 beers and a pretzel.
    I'm not much for beers during the game, i have to drive after and don't want even the possibility of an inpairment. I might get a dog, nachos and a souvenir sprite. The rest i would probably forget about, not a big deal.

    If it was regular season, i probably wouldn't eat inside at all, thanks to the great food at tailgating.
    The ribbon is the 'Gulf War Ribbon'.

    -I need a new liver. Please join us for a spaghetti dinner and silent auction benefit.
    -January 13, 2013 1-4.
    -$10 covers spaghetti, salad and bread.
    -Anoka American Legion.

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    Re: Cowboys vs Vikings - who's going?

    Quote Originally Posted by "countrygirl" #1105837
    Thinking about it. it maybe one of the few i get to go to this year.
    Suds a Beast for me young lady.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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