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    Re: Cover 2 - Yes or No

    "VikingsTw" wrote:
    "V4L" wrote:
    Rewatch the game

    Sometimes the ball was not thrown but he was out of position

    And sometimes it was and the WRs flat out dropped the ball

    He did make a few tips and cut off some slants.. But he was getting shook on routes all night
    Yeah I'll probably rewatch the game at some point just because it was a great game but I doubt you will confince me he was getting shook all night but I'll check to see "What Is". I saw one pass that Davis dropped, that route and throw can be very difficult for any corner to cover, the only problem was it was a inch or two from being a perfect pass, a very hard one to defend.

    The biggest issue Winfield had last night was the one play he did give up, which was a slant pass to Hester then a wiffed tackle. Winfield has been beaten by a few WR's with Elite speed such as Devin Hester, Chad Johnson, Donald Driver and Bernard Berrian. He can struggle with Elite speed but more often that not he's winning.

    If in deed he was "shook all night" and "out of position" its uncharacteristic.

    I dont think he played horrible

    But he was letting more then usual past him that's all

    Luckily the Bears had butterfingers

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    Re: Cover 2 - Yes or No

    It does seem our pass D is improving since MW has gotten involved after the neck injury. We do seem more creative with the coverages. If we can gel in time we might be a pretty good pass D. It appears we can play closer to the line with our corners more often lately. Go Vikings.

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    Re: Cover 2 - Yes or No

    The cover 2 is the best scheme in football. It is going to take us to SB victory

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