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    Could there be a new top team in the NFL?

    Quote:But for the first time this season, I am hearing more football people whom I respect mentioning the Vikings as the best team in the NFL.

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    Re: Could there be a new top team in the NFL?

    Thanks for the read my friend.
    I used to have a huge disdain for PK.
    Since listening to him talk on the Sirius of late, I have changed my mind a bit.

    As with all "Media" types, I enjoy reading/listening to what he says, but always hold a small bit of skeptiscism with respect to what drivel he is spewing today.

    Having said that, I found this little nugget interesting.

    6. A tough balancing act
    The 2009 version of NFL offense is all about the passing game, but smart coaches and good teams realize that a balanced offense is a dangerous offense. This week, three good teams that have been heavily pass oriented made statements that the run game is becoming a factor -- and that makes them contenders to go far in the postseason.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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