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    Aaron Murray.

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    A run for the door?

    A run in their shorts?

    A run in their pantyhose?

    A run of bad cards?

    A run for cover?

    A run, run as fast as they can ...?

    A run, a trip, and a fall?

    A run for free agent money elsewhere?

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    The only thing running is their bowel movements.

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnecticutViking View Post
    Ok, no more doom and gloom. I think we have a chance to run off 4 games! We have Cleveland, Steelers, and Panthers at home and the Giants away. They have a combined record of 0-7. We could turn this bitch around and steal some wins here. What are your thoughts?
    El underdog.

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