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"coreyd" wrote:
hoe? come on....have some maturity with your posts! AND DO YOU KNOW HE DIDNT!!??
sure "e" is supposed to be "w" as in "how do you know that?"
No, actually it was correct the first time. I was refering to a post made on the first page when someone was called a "hoe", not a "how", and if you read on you will notice that I was commenting on what he said, about how fowler didnt know what was going on. Obviously my opinion isnt valued any more than the next fan in rage, but what I was saying is that it is childish to call another fan a hoe becuase of what he said. :salute:
Actually, if the post you're referring to is this one:

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"ADubya26" wrote:
Fowler will not cancel the trade - he is the one who wanted it. He will make it sound like he didnt know about it, he disapproves of it, etc. because he wants to come in on a good note. We will probably be active in FA if it is up to him because he has to owe the fans something.

hoe do u no he wanted it, huh? thats right u dont
...then it does indeed appear to be a typo, and not coreychavous21 calling ADubya26 a hoe. Since "E" and "W" are side by side, the mistake is understandable.

Besides, the correct spelling for the slang version of whore is ho'