"snowinapril" wrote:
"Del Rio" wrote:
I don't think Ted needs to blitz.

From the things I have been reading I think it's pretty much a lost cause. players frustrated, coaches blaming players, people confused.....advisors coming in. Coaches fricken crying................

This week against the Bears is a huge game. If there isn't sign of improvement I would sever ties with Teddy asap.
I think you are right, we could be seeing Foge taking over????? For the rest of the Season??????

You can fire a assistant and get away with it during the season a lot easier than the Head Coach.

If the D has lost confidence in him, it might have to happen.

I honestly believe if Tice doesn't resign. If he wants to stick it out then the whole advisor thing is just a byproduct of Wilf asking Tice what he needs to win. The players complaining about the defensive scheme, Ted's obvious lack of balls, and him trying to turn it around on the players all adds up to Tice replacing him with the Foge-master. I think that is the plan all along. Ted is horrible when the fans can see it you pray that the head man can recognize that there is a serious problem.

That is the only reason I think they are here. Just to be clear though they will give him a chance against the bears, coming off a bye week people should have relaxed and the advisors will be looking more at Ted then at the players IMO.

I would take it a step further and say I believe if Tice cut ties with Cottrell and was given a capable offensive cord. he would be a winning coach.