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    Re:Controversy and Jared Allen? You Don’t Say…

    LMAO! By the way, welcome to the site!
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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    Re:Controversy and Jared Allen? You Don’t Say…

    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Caine wrote:
    PPGJ wrote:
    I like everyone's passion, but if you're gonna hurl insults, why not come over to my house/website so we can have a discussion? In other words, leave a comment on the site, don't bash it in the safety of a private forum.

    Controversy and Jared Allen? You Don't Say...

    Have at it.
    What is that? A "Feed my site traffic to bash me" request?


    No thanks, we'll sit here in our "private forum" (that anyone can join for free) and bash a poorly conceived and poorly written "article" without doing you the courtesy of upping your site traffic.

    quit being so confrontational!
    Geeez!!! I hate me!!!! What a prick!!!



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