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    Norseman Congratulation To Jared Allen For Setting The NFL Sack Record

    Jared Allen is the Vikings' lovable defensive end who is feared around the league as arguably the best defensive end the league has seen for the last ten years. He has put on eye-popping numbers for many many seasons, but in 2011 he finally broke the coveted NFL single season sack record while playing on a losing team that had one of the worst secondaries in the league. Congratulation to Jared Allen! You are already awesome, but now you have written yourself into the history books.
    ... Oh, wait... excuse me! I just got informed that on a play where Aaron Rodgers rolled out with Allen chasing him, Mr. Rodgers accidentally dropped the ball and fell on it for a loss with Allen touching him down. The play-by-play page for the game naturally shows the play as a sack.
    BUT INSTEAD, Allen (who got a sack later on in the game as well) is only given credit for one sack in the box score from the same source.

    wait wait WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!?

    Jared Allen later explains that
    "They actually took one away from me in Green Bay," Allen told USA TODAY Sports. "I pushed my guy into (Aaron) Rodgers, he fumbled, and I touched him down. They gave it as a team sack, versus giving me the sack. That would've been the record right there."
    So Allen needed only ONE single sack to break the record, and he got it, but instead some guy with the authority made the NFL change it into a "team sack". In other words, Jared Allen (or anyone else of that matter) doesn't receive credit for the sack.... Why????? Your cruel world!
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