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    Congrats on the win.

    Yeah my bad i just got a better look on the replay on the Glen catch. Very nice i thought he bobled it the whole time. My mistake.

    I have never seen Brian Williams be all cocky like that, but i think meshawn pissed him off. He was all in his face and he payed for it in the end. I liked what williams did, cause like Del Rio said Meshawn is an ass hole.

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    Congrats on the win.

    How you can defend Terrence Newman is beyond reason.

    Roy is not generally a cheap player, but he took a late shot at Moss. On the next play they clapped each other on the helmet and it didn't happen again.

    Newman, however, got shown up, outclassed, and sucks. He got frustrated and it showed.
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Congrats on the win.

    "Primetime42" wrote:
    "pudgesoprano" wrote:
    will williams i dont think so hey it a contact sport sh!t happens im saying if b.williams is dirty then roy is too i dont mind he did not know he was going hurt him but if ones dirty then the other is too
    Did I say B.Williams was dirty?

    I just said what he was doing was unnecessary. Why would you do that to a guy when you know the game is no longer in doubt and you know all it will do is serve to piss someone off, which could lead to an all out brawl,

    It was senseless. That's all I said.

    What was senseless, was newman pissing moss off. What was he thinking there? Newman, who i really like, was schooled pretty badly in this game, by moss and even burleson. He sure does like to talk, but he needs to keep playing like he did early last year, and stop talking.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Congrats on the win.

    Well when the QB scrambles the WR's become fair game and Moss took more then one shot in those situations. What cracks me up is it's happening right infront of two officials.

    That grab by Glenn was awesome. Made my heart sink a bit that they scored in less then 30 seconds, but amazing grab.

    I'll take the bet about the boy's going to the bowl before us.

    All in all a good game. Hard to play in the dome and they showed heart. Like the announcers here kept saying they all have something to proove.
    I hate Meshawn but he played a good game, and I think he has a new attitude especially playing for tuna.

    You Cowboy's fans have helped contibute to some interesting conversations on these boards, thanks for that.

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    Congrats on the win.

    Hmmm.... I honestly didn't mind the attitude of B. Will if he had been playing for you though I woulda been pissed! hehehe... Newman really heated me up a couple of times! Other then that great game! I think there was talking about both teams, but thats football and thank god for it! It was a great game to watch!

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