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    Congrats on a hard fought game. I don't think we've seen the last of Favre yet.

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    I thought today's game was a typically great Norris Division match up. I don't particually agree with Moss' "celebration" after his last touchdown catch, though. The game could have gone either way. I was happy to see us jump out to an early lead, however I became quite concerned when it was 17-10, and we couldn't convert after 3 INT's. I will confess that I was prepping for another last-second loss.

    Kudos to you Packer fans that have shown grace and class on this day. Beleive me when I say that I understand your pain. I felt is twice this year!! See you next season!! :salute:

    Peace through superior firepower!

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    Hey i really appreciate that bono, that shows that youre not a typical packer fan, you have a brain. Good luck in the off-season!

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