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    Re: Congrats AD on the 1st 100 yard game

    Adrian had a monster game, wearing down the defense with some slashing runs, and always finishing with power. All game you knew it was coming, and it was a delight to see. Stay strong AD, and ROY is almost yours.

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    Re: Congrats AD on the 1st 100 yard game

    I love everything about AD... while the defense gets tired and wore out... AD just gets faster and stronger.... hints AD

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    Re: Congrats AD on the 1st 100 yard game

    Eric Dickerson's 1983 record for most rushing yards in a rookie season: 1,808.

    103 down.
    1705 to go. ;D
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: AD is real deal always was always will be

    "LongtimeVikesfan" wrote:
    "soonerbornNbred" wrote:
    Truth is Ive been reading the fans comments here since Adrian was drafted, It struck me strange how so many of the fans second guessed His being picked....and what I worried about was how would he do without at least a very good quarterback...Now the vikes STARTING RB goes out first half(all AD naysayers jump his case like you wouldveADs) and now the Viking nation gets to see what we here in the SOONERNATION already know this guy is the RealDeal...PLEASE PLEASE DONT RUN HIM IN THE the way GO VIKES ;D
    Truth be told...I don't think there was a lot of second guessing when we picked him. Most people here were pretty excited to get him. A few people were hoping for another QB but most members on this site had nothing but good things to say about AD. He is definitely a huge talent and this is just the beginning.
    I agree with Longtime.. Seems to me that most everyones been positive about AD. He was the best choice available at the time according to all the information that everyone had.
    Have I ever told you what an outstanding humanitarian I am?

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