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Thread: Confused..

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    Re: Confused..

    lol my post was deleted, i also noticed my post about brad last week was deleted and it had nothing bad in it...maybe someone doesnt want me to post here at all i know i shouldt have said that out in public like i did so im sorry mod who deleted my post.

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    Re: Confused..

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "webmaster" wrote:
    He's cool. I can understand what he says.

    Why would you attack someone for telling you their honest feelings in a very difficult and confusing year for Vikings fans?

    That isn't very courageous.
    Hey, screw you and your message!

    What are you trying to say again? :?:
    That my Tahoe with skid plates will drive all over your GMC.

    bwahahahahaha :booty:

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