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    Conflict of dates with the Twins ?

    Just a question regarding any potential conflict with the Twins advancing through the playoffs. I see on the VU site that there could be a clash of dates with the Vikes for the Titans and Giants games.
    I'm curious for the Titans game - as I'm flying over for that - any idea when the game would be moved to... would it be brought forward to Saturday or put back til Monday night ?
    Any clues would be appreciated so I know what may occur !
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    Conflict of dates with the Twins ?

    What I heard the anouncers say a couple of weeks ago was they usually (had in the past) move it to Monday night. But you will have to play it by ear. Until they make it there it won't be discussed much publicly.

    Good Luck!

    You might want to check the Gophers schedule to see if they are playing on that Sat because then you know they won't be moving it back to Sat.

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