Whats sad is that Culpepper cant even find a job.....I still feel bad about for him about that Panthers game, which pretty much ended his run with the Vikes.
You knew it was bad when you saw the look in Tice's eyes.

Imagine if culpepper had done what was asked of him regarding rehab....he probably would still be our starting QB.
Childress & wilf were both supporting him.
But the way he handled it is what I think has essentially blackballed him from the league.
I also understand his position.....it had to be a very tramatic situation for him to endure.
Sometimes we dont make the best decisions in these types of situations and its easy to second guess.

Hopefully Pep will get a second chance somewhere.
He played pretty well last year and now his knee has had another year to heal.
Cris Carter always said Daunte is a pure "pocket passer" and hopefully a team in need of a good QB will realize the guy can still play.