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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    culpepper all the way. while i think vick is the greatest scrambling qb i've ever seen play, he doesn't do more than run with the ball. almost every game i see him play, he throws at least one pick and he's inaccurate. don't get me wrong, he is a hell of a runner, but he is a sub-par pocket qb. i personally think he's over rated.

    culpepper has an arm with accuracy (most of the time). when our line breaks, the opposing defense has a hard time getting him down. when he decides to scramble it is absolutely awesome to see him square up with lb's and just crush them. culpepper is by far the better of the two. GO VIKES!!!!

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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    Two different guys. Like comparing Montana to Marino.

    Vicks a finesse runner/thrower, Culpepper is a power runner/thrower.

    Vick gets hurt. Culpepper doesn't.

    Vick doesn't fumble. Culpepper does.
    Vick doesn't fumble, Culpepper does??? Um, after Mr. Vick plays for 75 games (as many games as Daunte has), he will have lost just as many fumbles as him. He will also have thrown for thousands yards less. Of course, he also won't have as many TDs.
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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    That is not even a possible comparison. Culpepper is a much better all around QB than Vick. This last weekend was the first time in Vick's NFL career that he actually looked like a QB instead of an RB.

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    Culpepper vs Vick

    After looking at the games last week, I think this could be the true turning point.

    This should be the real test for the Vikings, after whooping up a tired New Orleans team. Probably the two best rushing QB’s in the league, and with Vick having hamstring problems, it tips the scales in Daunte’s favor.

    Last week Cullpepper (300yds) topped Vick's (167yds) passing game, with longs of 68, 53 and 24, while Vicks longest was 21. Vick only rushed for 64 yards (Only?) but the team had a total of 236. (Vikes total rushing was 147)

    The key will be the Vikes D stopping the rush, then if Daunte is in his groove, and can toss 3 or 4 TD’s, then it could be a lopsided score.

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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    Re: Culpepper vs Vick

    Is that Tennessee tuxedo?
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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    Daunte has a little fumblitis still in him, but not as bad as his fumble syndrome was the worst! Was that in 2002?
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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    Vick sucks!! Any team out there that has a QB
    like Vick will never win a Superbowl... Look at Brady
    Slow, O.K. arm but SMART and stays in the pocket.
    He also has a great line. Vick still sucks! ATL sucks!!
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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    I think LOS hit it right on the head...can't compare these two really. Its more of a preference of what type of QB you'd rather have on your team and I'd take C-Pep any day!

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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    Vick is a amazing player....but so is culpepper....The stats dont lie. Culpepper is better nuff said.

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    Re: Comparing Cpep to Vick

    Vick has a history of success in the playoffs, our boy doesn't.

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