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    Coming to Minny!!!

    Hey all, im comin from Tennessee to see Vikes v.s. Lions. I bought this game to finally come to Minnesota and watch Vikes at home, as i have seen them on the road numerous times. I had hoped to see Vikes havin real good team, and have a bad ass defense when i bought the tickets, well anyways still look forward to comin and watchin em at home and finally enjoy being in the majority. Wheres some good places to see in Minny, arriving on Thursday.... See Ya !!! go Vikes :cheers:

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    Re: Coming to Minny!!!

    Represent! You will find that the Viking faithful are a hospitable and funloving opposed to the Packer faithful who are a hostile and sheeploving bunch...LOL

    But seriously, have a blast...and I hope that you get to see a Viking win like I got to when I was there Sunday before last. GO VIKES!!!

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    Re: Coming to Minny!!!

    The Mall of America is just a few minutes from the airport.

    Last I heard there are some PP.Oer's tailgating at Rapid Park, by Target Center, Downtown Minneapolis. Arrive early, 8:00 to 8:30 to get a decent spot. I think Webby, Mrs. Webby, Babe and others were going to be there.

    The 'Block E' entertainment complex is walking distance from Rapid Park, along with a lot of restaurants in all price ranges along Hennepin Avenue. Not sure what type of entertainment you enjoy..., my family enjoys going to Orchestra Hall. Here's a link with their calendar of events: There are a lot of art museums downtown. My favorite is the Walker, which connects to the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens (an outdoor sculpture garden): .

    Hey, how about a Segway tour of downtown Minneapolis? .

    It looks like the weather will be 45 degrees with only a slight chance of rain.

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    Re: Coming to Minny!!!

    Call Skol, he'll hook you up! :wink:

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