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    Comin' For That #1 Spot...

    How do you feel about our chances of climbing into the NFC's top spot??? We'll be the favorite for the remainder of the season, while a stunning upset in wk. 16 and a hot Carolina team in week 17 have left the once untouchable Saints in danger of losing their homefield.

    I like the way things are looking. If we can get back to form we should win out and you know Carolina would love to play spoiler and head into the offseason on a win streak.

    There should be all the motivation in the world for us to vanquish all doubt in the minds around the NFL and media that we are for real. This is a big game tonight for our Super Bowl hopes and our psyche. Let's go Vikings!!!! :woohoo:

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    Re:Comin' For That #1 Spot...

    Hey everyone, I found a post by Holstrom that I like. To bad it is after I read all of his Post-game posts.....

    Hang in there my friend. Things will get better. I promise. If not, I did give you the link to the "Hockey Chat Sites".
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Comin' For That #1 Spot...

    I'm a Buffalo Sabres fan, so in a few months I will relive this all over again. The Sabres are flyin high right now, but when it comes crunch time they'll choke just like they do every year.

    Sound familiar??? :S

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