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    Coma...memories of 2003

    Well I'm glad we didn't fall alseep again like last year...because we were in a frickin' COMA before this one even got started! Sheesh! Talk about a instant change to last years team! Total absenteeism by the whole team, right from the coach down.

    Coaching: dumb challenges, some poor play calling

    Special Teams: many holding calls on kickoff returns have we had now? & blocked punt to boot?

    Quarterback: 2 picks, lots of misses...definitely not sharp and off kilter

    Run Blocking: slow & non-existent

    Pass receivers: drop, drop, drop

    Running backs: no magic today Defense: They actually made some stops when we needed them, but what's with all the dropped INT's and missed fumble opportunities? It's obvious that a healthy Randy means a lot to our team. We were a division leading fraud today...I just hope the "slide" has not been set into gear.

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    Coma...memories of 2003

    We'll see next week. They are still 5-2 with plenty of talent and are still the favorites to win the division.

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