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    that's skewed bc we actually had a QB in place and Denny Green was about as good of a coach as there is.... We haven't won consistently since he left!

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    Green was about a decade to a decade and half ahead of his time in coaching. He focused on offense and built a team with a great passing attack and a marginal defense which seems to be the way the NFL is trending and when he drafted his franchise QB it was a big, tall athletic QB with a big arm who could also run if necessary. Just what the league is trying to do today.

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    Denny Green was about as good as it gets in my book. Those were some fun years to watch, and should have produced a Supper Bowl. I would be OK with his return.
    At least he had some creativity.
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

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    I'm not totally against Gruden...we need to do something about the offense, and his offenses were always decent, but it would be more WCO, eh? And, at least a bit outdated at this many years has he been a commentator now?

    I feel like we need more balance, like we've spent a bit too much on defense and we've been skimping on the offense a bit because of it. Too often, I think HCs like Frazier and Singletary who were promoted into somebody else's job mid-season, and thus understand completely what a Not For Long league it is, are afraid to put a strong enough coordinator opposite them. I would like to see a strong head coach, with more fire put in charge, but perhaps, a younger, possibly college guy who is an offensive guru come in as OC with some newer, today's rules ideas. Maybe, stepping a college guy up to coordinator before HC would help them adjust, specially with a solid, veteran HC to smooth things over.

    Which leads me to this idea...Could we maybe hire an older, semi-retired HC (Cowher?) to groom his replacement for 2 or 3 years so he can re-retire...? Obviously, it would cost the Wilfs some bucks, but there's no limit on what you can spend on coaches...
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