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    Re: Coach Bieniemy makes impact on rookie Peterson

    Sooner he doesn't need help as much with his running. But his pass blocking, catching and route running could use improvement.

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    Re: Coach Bieniemy makes impact on rookie Peterson

    "jdvike" wrote:
    "soonerbornNbred" wrote:
    YOUve got to be kidding me

    YOU really think AD success comes from Eric Bieniemy dog cussin him


    here is another coach taken credit for ADs god given abilities

    I have never said AD doesnt take coaching or needs coaching to learn sets and systems

    But even the Lineman have said you dont want to coach him up too much

    he has abilities to improvise...and if you are so stern as to take that away from him you lose what makes him great

    Go ahead and keep thinkin Bienemy is what makes AD succeed...just like your bosses in the past are what made you who you are who YOU are inspite of those over you

    give me a break

    this is exactly the example I have spoken about in the past... someone taken credit for ADs successes

    show him how to get to team meetings, where the blocks will be, how to get through his rookie year and thatll be enough from you lil eric

    Better you best back off on the dog cussin punk

    this MAN is for real ..... and in two years he might bite back
    If you think Petersen will just be able to waltz off this team in 2 years,your spring is more than sprung...It's down right broke!

    With Rob B. as our cap guy we will easily be able to pay him what he needs....also dont forget about the Franchise tag.....A.D. is going nowhere as long as he is "A.D." he will be in purple.

    Marrdro asked you a very interesting question....Are you a Viking fan or an A.D. fan?...I think it's the latter.
    Solid post my friend.

    Please don't be hard on our Sooner friend.

    As with all Vikes fans, they had to Cheer for the Team for the first time at one point in thier life.
    I like to believe that Sooner has already took that step and is in it for the long haul.

    As steadfastly as he sticks up for AD, I want this guy cheering for the Vikes for alot of years.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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