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    Clock Management Problems...

    Like I said, probably cuz he told McNabb not to throw to him in fear of Harrison!

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    Clock Management Problems...

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    There was no time...
    there was more than two minutes on the clock, wasnt it? they did make them punt and there was plenty of time left. but they wasted it anyway. i am glad of that for sure.

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    Clock Management Problems...

    And TWO timeouts left in the first half. I
    think somebody spiked Andy's Gatorade.
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    Clock Management Problems...

    There was like 1:50 on the clock. Anyway, yes, they had time to get it back. Obviusly, because they DID get it back, didnt they. But Reid just figured they'd take a shot at it right there, instead of trusting his D to get a quick 3 and out for a better filed position.

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    Clock Management Problems...

    what made me cringe--cause the vikes have been guilty of the same thing-- there was about48 seconds left in the game and the only player on the eagles O trying to hurry a play was their center freeley... he was waiving for everyone to come to the line, while McChoke and the rest were wasting 10 sec each time in the huddle. hahahahaha....

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    Clock Management Problems...

    I agree... McNabb did the same bull$hit that Culpepper does when we have a chance to drive the field to tie or win the game. I've seen poor Birk just sitting there, while Culpepper is pointing, trying to direct his receivers. You DONT have time to be pointing every which way. It's ridiculous. Anyways, I blame the last drive on McNabb, the one before on Reid. About 90% of the Vikings mis-haps or to be blamed on Tice.
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    Clock Management Problems...

    I noticed something about Westbrook too. He is agile yes, and likes to make guys miss. But, i think it was in the second quarter he caught a pass around the 15 going in with 1 guy between him and the Endzone, but he steps out of bounds instead of tring to break thru the guy (ala Moe) to get the score. I watched him closer after that and noticed he dosent like to get hit, he avoids contact. Walter Payton never stepped out of bounds, he fought for every yard!
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    Clock Management Problems...

    Most of our clock management woes this last season were due to our scoring too quickly. That's the price you pay for fielding an explosive offense.

    However, with the game on the line, and us down with under a minute left, the Vikings are ATROCIOUS. Our 2-minute Drill takes 7 minutes and 34 seconds. I don't know if it's Culpepper or Tice, but I know it sucks.

    As for Philly, they just seemed to crumble under the pressure. I think Westbrooks catch was a reflex action. It's pounded into you - day in, day out - to catch the ball under any conditions...only later do they mention that there are a FEW times when you shouldn't. But, with the game on the line, and the pressure mounting, Westbrooks hands likely went to auto-pilot.

    The huddle was a huge goof too. You KNOW you have to go to the other end of the field. You KNOW you ahve under 30 seconds to do it. Why they lolly-gagged I'll never know.

    But, that's why the Patriots have won 3 of the last 4 Superbowls. They KNOW what to do in every situation...and they DO IT.

    I hope our guys were paying attention to that game.


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