"singersp" wrote:
:scratch: Now let me get this straight.

There are people who want Tice gone no matter what.

There are others who want him gone if he doesn't take the Vikings into the playoffs.

They're both looking for a winning coach, yet they want to replace Tice whose team is 7-5 & replace him with either Brian Billick whose team is 4-8 or Mike Martz whose team is 5-7 & they'll be happy as clams.

A winning coach for a losing coach & they'll be happy?

I fail to see the logic in it.

Let's see either one of them overcome the adversity Tice has.
They want a coach that has the ability to take his team to the playoffs and maybe even the superbowl.

How many playoff appearances does Tice have compared to them, how many superbowl appearances does he have.

Simply being a few games above .500 is not enough. At least for me it isn't.