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Thread: A Classy Team

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    A Classy Team

    Until this year I have not really paid much attention to playoff games until the super bowl. On sundays I only watch the vikings so I don't really pay much attention to other teams.
    Now after watching the Patriots in thier playoff games this year, I have to say they are fun to watch.
    They just go out and kick your butt. They don't cock after every tackle made like Trotter. They act like professionals and have an all business attitude. They are what a team is all about and it is good to see after all the childishness that goes on.
    Don't get me wrong I bleed purple through and through but the Vikings and every team in the NFL should look to the Pats and see what a bunch of professionals look like.

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    A Classy Team

    go pats
    i hope they kill the eagels

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    A Classy Team

    I agree. Although I will bleed purple until I die, I admire the way the Pats go about their business.

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    A Classy Team

    I hate the eagles after this year cause they beat us in the regular season then knock us out of the playoffs. We played better in philly the first time but damn penalties cost us and that fumble at the goal line.

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    A Classy Team

    I hate how good the Patriots are. They just get to me, how perfect they run everything! I mean seriously, they are up their with the best teams ever and its not like they will lose any huge players this offseason, cept for the assist coaches... Hate to say it, but I really hope Philly wins the Bowl, I know they killed my packs in regular season, but I just cant stand to hear much more about the Patriots and their Brady.

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    A Classy Team

    Go Vinatieri, Go Bruschi, it's just too bad they play for the Pats, but those guys are great.
    Vinatieri's easily the most clutch kicker of all time and Bruschi, well, he lets his actions speak for him.
    A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. - Woodrow Wyatt

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    A Classy Team

    I'm pulling for the Pats.

    When it comes to teams and players, the only one on the field (or sidelines) I really DON'T like is T.O., so taht's not a factor.

    I'm not a fan of either team, and really have no bias one way or the other.

    But Eagles FANS tick me off. And, because of that, I hope New England beats the tar out of them. I would LOVE for the Eagles to become another "Shoulda, coulda, woulda, DIDN'T" dynasty (3 NFC championship stalls and a SB BACK IN THE CELLAR!!!)


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    A Classy Team

    I'd like to see a new leaf turned. Both teams go home losing. LOL! Just kidding! You're right the Pats deserve to take it home. The thing is they aren't like all the other teams that have one two or three great players. They are just well balanced...all across the board. Notice Brady has barely been in the top ten best qaurtebacks this year, and the Redskins have one of the best defenses. But none of that matters when you have a well balanced team.
    Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.
    --Joe Theismann

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    A Classy Team

    As soon as i start to want the Pats to win they will lose. I am going to watch this super bowl not caring at all and enjoying some good football and good commercials.

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    A Classy Team

    I hope Patriots crush the Eagles. I still think Brady is overrated, but still a great QB.

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