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    A christmas Carol

    (sung to jingle bells)

    Ted Cottrell, Ted Cottrell
    You can suck my balls.
    You're a freaking idiot
    for making such bad calls.


    Linehan, linehan
    you called a better game.
    But when our defense stepped it up
    Our offense went to shame.


    Head coach Tice, Head coach Tice
    you hit with Michael B.
    but what the hell's your team doing
    losing to the pack by three!


    Red McCombs, Red McCombs
    why don't you sell the team
    you've done nothing good for us
    so go before i scream!

    Live by the Slacker Rule. No Hurries, No Worries.

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    A christmas Carol

    Be glad you had a team to cheer for today...

    If Red has his way, you won't in 5 years...

    Truth hurts...
    3 Straight Division Champs

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