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    Chris Walsh

    As I was watching the game on Sunday night, I found myself very uneasy as I saw our guy Moe Williams out there doing kick off returns. In retrospect, I will agree that it was probably the right decision at the time, but I was holding my breath, praying that he wouldn't get hurt. Then panic really set in when it appeared that he was injured, but it turned out to be cramps. Thank God. Anyways, we all know that our special teams are suspect, due to youth and inexperience, so we really do need a veteran in there to back these guys up. The talk right now says that Chris Walsh wants to be our guy again, and Tice really wants him back as well. As a matter of fact, Tice got quite upset at his press conference yesterday when asked about Walsh, because Tice wants him that badly. Is Walsh the complete answer to our quandry? Perhaps not. But he would definately be some much needed strength added to a weak special teams.
    So the plea is out Red. Please dip into your wallet and give this guy the 750k to play. What's it gonna take Red? A fumbled kick off or punt return picked up and ran in for a touchdown for you to get it? Probably not, you are one thick headed son of a gun. But anyways, if Red is thinking about selling the team (I doubt relocation will ever happen, but a sale of the team, I feel, is inevitable.)logic tells me that the smart thing to do is to invest in your investment and make the team better so they may be more attractive to potential buyers. Maybe I'm way off base, but that's how I feel. []

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    Chris Walsh

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    Chris Walsh

    something witty and comical... followed by genuine sarcasm.

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    Chris Walsh

    I bleed purple.

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    Chris Walsh

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    Chris Walsh

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